I’ve always been passionate about traveling but I’ve also always disliked having to stay locked down to a plan, reservations, exact dates and daily itineraries. Traveling in a Motorhome really just gives you that extra freedom when traveling. It allows you to explore and make accurate and efficient choices on how long you want to stay in a single spot. A Motorhome is your own hotel suite on wheels! It’s new way of traveling, for some even a way of living!
Now more than ever Motorhome travel is one of the safest ways to see those travel destinations with your family or friends. This was the second time I rented a Motorhome with VanVanGo in Galicia and I’m already planning my third! There is something so pleasant about stopping for that cup of coffee in the middle of a long drive overlooking the woods, pizza night at home parked across the ocean, star gazing from bed … and so much more. If you havent given Motorhome travel a chance- please do so!
I’ve made some of my best memories in places that I never thought I’d be in thanks to Motorhome traveling.

Ana Feijoo


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