Don’t miss the 2026 Eclipse in a motorhome: An unforgettable August 12th.

Want to enjoy the 2026 eclipse in a motorhome? It’s no wonder: it would be unforgivable to miss such an opportunity. Make the most of this astronomical experience with the camper van tips and destinations we’re going to share with you 馃尀馃寶.

The last total solar eclipse (on April 8, 2024) was barely visible in our country, with Canada, Mexico, and the United States being the fortunate ones. However, the tables will turn on August 12, 2026, when Spain will witness an impressive solar eclipse. The last time we experienced something like this was on October 2, 1959! Make it even more special by traveling in a motorhome.

Eclipse 2026: an event you can’t miss

Rare and fascinating, solar eclipses are a significant event for any astronomy enthusiast. In the case of the one taking place in 2026, Spaniards will be fortunate as much of our country will be a privileged enclave to admire it. Other parts of the globe where it will be visible include Greenland, the westernmost part of Iceland, and northern Russia’s Siberia.

The partial eclipse will begin in Alaska at 7:30 AM, while the total eclipse will start on the Siberian coast at midnight. In our case, the initial time will be 19:30 (partial) and 20:26 (total), using A Coru帽a as a reference point (where this phenomenon “enters”). After passing through Greenland, the eclipse will head towards the Iberian Peninsula over the Atlantic Ocean; in Spain, it will cross the northern half towards the southeast, with the Balearic Islands being the last province it visits. You can view an interactive map of the eclipse’s path here.

Although the maximum duration of this phenomenon will be 2 minutes, here we will have to settle for a few seconds less. According to provincial capitals, Oviedo will experience the longest duration at 1 minute and 48 seconds, while Zamora will have the shortest at 14 seconds. Regarding the percentage of coverage of the solar disk, we will enjoy an obscuration of over 94%.

Consejos para ver el eclipse 2026

  1. Please, whatever you do, do not stare directly at the sun. Only when the moon completely blocks the sun will it be safe to look at it without protection.
  2. Use proper eye protection, specifically those that comply with the international standard ISO 12312-2. Therefore, forget about using regular sunglasses, photographic negatives, or X-rays. Also, you should check that they are in good condition before using them (scratches or tears can eliminate their protective barrier).
  3. Refrain from viewing the eclipse reflected in water. It’s also not advisable to keep your eyes fixed on it for more than 30 seconds at a time (even if you’re wearing eye protection).
  4. If you’re going to use a camera, telescope, or binoculars, make sure to attach an approved solar filter to their front end. Otherwise, serious eye injuries can occur instantly.
  5. If you’re traveling with your pet, it’s safest to keep them inside the motorhome while the eclipse is happening. The same applies to young children who are too small to take proper precautions (e.g., a baby might remove their eye protection at the worst moment).
  6. Regardless of their geographic location, the best destinations for viewing the 2026 eclipse in a motorhome are those at higher altitudes. Similarly, it’s essential that the weather forecast does not predict rain or clouds.

2026 Eclipse in a motorhome

12 ideal places to see the August 12, 2026 eclipse in a motorhome

We’ve narrowed it down to offer you the best spots from which you can witness the 2026 eclipse in a motorhome. In fact, we only show you those that meet optimal conditions of weather and duration. Naturally, all of them will display a total eclipse.


  • Partial eclipse start / end time: 19:30:58 / 21:20:40
  • Total eclipse start / end time: 20:26:43 / 20:28:28
  • Maximum eclipse point: 20:27:35
  • Duration of total eclipse: 1 minute and 45 seconds

Gij贸n is one of the provincial capitals where the total eclipse will be visible for the longest duration. Therefore, we recommend you head to Gij贸n, where you can also visit its Historic Center, the Elogio del Horizonte monument, or Poniente Beach. Rent your motorhome in Gij贸n for an unparalleled experience of witnessing the eclipse. [AC Area]


  • Partial eclipse start / end time: 19:31:39 / 21:22:10
  • Total eclipse start / end time: 20:28:02 / 20:29:26
  • Maximum eclipse point: 20:28:02
  • Duration of total eclipse: 1 minute and 23 seconds

Lugo is an ideal destination in Galicia to watch the eclipse. While you’re there, in Lugo you can visit monuments such as the Roman Wall, the House of Mosaics, or the Mithraic Temple, making the most of your trip. What better than renting a motorhome in Lugo to enjoy the eclipse in the best conditions. [AC Area]

Burela (Lugo)

  • Partial eclipse start / end time: 19:30:30 / 21:21:06
  • Total eclipse start / end time: 20:26:43 – 20:28:31
  • Maximum eclipse point: 20:27:37
  • Duration of total eclipse: 1 minute and 48 seconds

Also in the province of Lugo, but on the coast, we will have a splendid view of the eclipse in Burela. In Burela, there are plenty of attractions to explore, such as the Church of Vila do Medio or the Queen of Carmen Museum Ship. However, the standout attraction is undoubtedly the Beach of the Cathedrals, just half an hour away by car (advance reservation required during summer and Easter). Take the opportunity to rent a motorhome with us in Burela and enjoy the eclipse to the fullest. [AC Area]

A Coru帽a

  • Partial eclipse start / end time: 19:30:53 / 21:21:56
  • Total eclipse start / end time: 20:27:38 / 20:28:52
  • Maximum eclipse point: 20:28:15
  • Duration of total eclipse: 1 minute and 14 seconds

A Coru帽a is another Galician capital where the eclipse will be best observed. Moreover, in A Coru帽a, you can visit its extensive network of museums (Domus Museum, House of Sciences, and Finisterre Aquarium), Maria Pita Square, or the Tower of Hercules. And what better way to visit A Coru帽a than by renting a motorhome at our location. [脕rea AC]

Nar贸n (A Coru帽a)

  • Start/end time of the partial eclipse: 19:30:36 / 21:21:35
  • Start/end time of total eclipse: 20:27:10 / 20:28:42
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 20:27:56
  • Duration of total eclipse: 1 minute and 32 seconds

Nar贸n, in the province of A Coru帽a, is another special spot on the Galician coast to view the eclipse. It also has enough attractions to justify a visit, such as the Monastery of San Mart铆n de Xuvia, the Convent of Baltar or the tide mill of Aceas. Do you want to rent a motorhome? Do it at our headquarters in Nar贸n and get ready to see the eclipse from this location. [Public parking]


  • Time of start/end of partial eclipse: 19:38:19 / 20:58:00
  • Total eclipse start / end time: 20:32:25 / 20:33:24
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 20:32:55
  • Duration of total eclipse: 58 seconds

To see the eclipse of 2026 it is not necessary to go to the North, it will also be possible to see it in Levante, and what better place to do so than Valencia. The capital of Turia is home to numerous points of interest such as the Micalet Tower, the City of Arts and Sciences, the Oceanogr脿fic or the Malvarrosa Beach. Rent your motorhome with us in Valencia and enjoy the eclipse in Valencia. [AC Area]

Luarca (Asturias)

  • Start/end time of the partial eclipse: 17:30:50 / 19:20:59
  • Total eclipse start time/end time: 18:26:47
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 18:27:42

Luarca is perfect to see the eclipse of 2026 by motorhome because it will last the longest: 1’50“. While you are there, you can visit the beach of Portizuelo and the Casa de los Marqueses De Gamoneda. Seafood, cabbage stew and pixin in cider are among its local delicacies. [AC Area].

Javalambre (Teruel): Unbeatable to see the eclipse of 2026 in motorhome

  • Time of start/end of partial eclipse: 17:37:16 / 19:23:37
  • Start/end time of total eclipse: 18:31:23 / 18:32:51
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 18:32:07

As Javalambre is home to one of the best observatories in the world, its suitability to admire the 2026 eclipse by motorhome is beyond doubt. You can also take advantage of your visit to this peak in Teruel to practice mountain sports in the mountain range of the same name 馃. [Parking].

Cistierna (Le贸n)

  • Time of start/end of total eclipse: 17:32:20 /19:21:33
  • Time of start/end of total eclipse: 18:27:49 /18:29:37
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 18:28:43

Besides being one of the best towns in Le贸n to see the eclipse 2026 by motorhome, Cistierna will delight you with its many charms. Good examples of these are the Railway Museum and its hiking trails built on Roman roads, and don’t hesitate to try its delicious mountain stew or its railway pot! [Camping Cistierna].

Tolba帽os de Arriba (Burgos)

  • Total eclipse start/end time: 17:33:46 / 19:21:45.
  • Start/end time of total eclipse: 18:28:38 / 18:30:20
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 18:29:29

Located at 1,257m above sea level, Tolba帽os de Arriba is the highest village in Burgos, which makes it perfect when a solar eclipse is approaching. You may also want to extend your stay a little longer to attend the Demandafolk music festival. [Parking AC de Canales de la Sierra (15.2 km away).

Vistabella del Maestrazgo (Castell贸n de la Plana)

  • Start/end time of total eclipse:17:36:56 / 19:23:00
  • Total eclipse start time / end time: 18:30:48 / 18:32:27
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 18:31:37

Castell贸n is the only province in the Valencian Community that will enjoy a total eclipse. This celestial phenomenon will be particularly splendid in Vistabella del Maestrazgo: its highest village (1,250m). Once there, it would be a good idea to visit the church of the Assumption of Our Lady and the sanctuary of San Juan de Pe帽agolosa, as well as its numerous farmhouses. [AC Area].

Puig Mayor鈥 (Palma de Mallorca)

  • Total eclipse start time/end time: 17:34:57 /19:21:45
  • Start/end time of total eclipse: 18:29:14 / 18:30:48
  • Maximum point of the eclipse: 18:30:01

Being the highest point of the Balearic Islands, Puig Major is an exceptional enclave to admire the eclipse 2026 in motorhome. Located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, this peak is famous for its natural spaces. [Parking].

What to do, where to sleep, what to eat… truly, with everything you already know, the success of your trip to see the 2026 eclipse by motorhome is 100% guaranteed. Now you just have to rent your van and enjoy one of the most magical caravanning experiences of your life.

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